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You deserve competent, thorough, and biblically sound support in achieving your goals and reaching your full potential in Christ. I'm a genuine therapist who holds hope for who you wish to become on this journey of life.

-Bradford Coleman, LPC, NCC 

Are you ready to invest in yourself today?

In areas of depression, anxiety, trauma, or addiction, your freedom is the most important thing in your life. Getting help can be the difference between life or death, losing even more time to memories of the past, or costing even more damage within relationships due to unhealthy cycles. Typically, we can earn more money in life. However, we cannot gain back the time and opportunities depression and anxiety steal from us. Our lives are precious, time is limited, and our mental well-being is what enables us to enjoy life, maintain our responsibilities, and find and maintain loving relationships.​

I work well with men's issues, pornography and addiction, "failure to launch," depression, "Nice-guy syndrome," and poor boundaries.

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